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Covid-19 prevention and precautions

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

I take covid 19 precautions carefully, I was a physician, MD of Fushun infectious disease hospital for two years 30 years ago, so I have more clinical experience and knowledge about bacteria, virus, treatment and prevention for infectious diseases. I do many prevention in my office now: double disposable full paper sheets, disposable needles, N95 mask, disposable gloves, separately treat patients; two UV lights used to kill viruses and others in the air and surface everyday; sanitizer ; alcohol . We do not have Covid-19 positive people since covid19 started.

As the world waits on pins and needles for a vaccine, acupuncture could offer relief to those suffer

A new study out of Harvard Medical School found that acupuncture can help ease inflammation in mice.

The traditional Chinese practice influenced rodents’ ability to cope with a cytokine storm — an overly aggressive immune response which has been found to lead to lung inflammation, pneumonia and death in some COVID-19 patients, according to the study published Wednesday in the journal Neuron.

A number of drugs are currently being tested to try and quell the sometimes lethal reaction, but the Harvard researchers say this classic Chinese medical practice may be the answer.

“This is exciting news,” acupuncturist Sara Reznikoff, who was not affiliated with the study, told The Post. “It’s always nice when Western studies back up the ancient healing medical system of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.”

The findings, however, don’t surprise her.

“Acupuncture is fantastic at triggering the body’s innate healing abilities, helping with inflammation and calming the nervous system. I have seen great results at my practice, treating patients with post-COVID-19 symptoms,” said Reznikoff, who runs her own practice in Brooklyn. “I’m glad that acupuncture is being considered in the fight against COVID19 — anything that helps."

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