Covid19  precautions and Preventions

  Dr. Li take Covid19  precautions and prevention

carefully, he was a physician, MD of Fushun infectious disease hospital for two years(1982-1984), so he has more clinical experience and knowledge about bacteria, virus, treatment and prevention for infectious diseases.   He dose many prevention in his office now: double  disposable full paper sheets, disposable needles, N95 mask, disposable gloves, separately treat patients; two UV lights used  to kill viruses and others in the air and surface everyday; sanitizer ; alcohol . His office doesn't has  Covid positive people since covid19 started.   Because pandemic of Covid19, the office of Monroeville and McMurry were closed since March of 2020, but the office in Highland Park and Bethel Park are still open. We  follow CDC guideline strictly for prevention Covid19, do whatever we can, make sure my office clean and disinfection. 

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