Acupuncture for Gynecology Issues in Pittsburgh, Pa

At Mark Acupuncture we have many years of professional experience treating a variety of Gynecological issues arising during pregnancy and women’s reproductive health. Whether you are seeking treatment options In Pittsburgh, Bethel Park, McMurray, Bridgeville for hormonal imbalance, migraines, Infertility, Endometriosis morning sickness, irregular periods, or your baby is in breech position, our unique acupuncture techniques to induce labor Pittsburgh experts can help. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine have been used to treat gynecological challenges for thousands of years. At the Mark Acupuncture we draw on this knowledge and combine it with up-to-date scientific information to treat our patients. All of our practitioners are trained to use Chinese herbs, and acupuncture to regulate menstrual cycles and treat common gynecological disorders. We will also give you diet and lifestyle advice tailored to your specific pattern of disharmony. Our team has a passion for women's health and find that Chinese Medicine is excellent for helping patients with a variety of issues. We want to help you view your cycles not as a nuisance, but instead as something you can control and truthfully don't mind that much! We used acupuncture and herbs to help patients with regulating their menstrual cycles, especially after getting off the pill or associated with PCOS, PMS, perimenopausal symptoms and painful periods just to name a few. Whether your eventual goal is pregnancy, pain-free periods, elimination of PMS, or just greater overall balance, I truly would love to use my knowledge and experience to help you achieve your healthcare goals.


·         Amenorrhea

·         Breech Presentation

·         Fibrocystic Breasts

·         Irregular Menstruation

·         Labor Induction

·         Lactation Support

·         Menopause

·         Morning Sickness

·         Painful Periods

·         PMS

·         Pregnancy Back Pain

·         Pregnancy Swelling

·         Postpartum Depression

·         Low Libido

·         Irregular Menses

·         Painful Menses                                                           

·         Stress Related Hormone Imbalance

·         Uterine Fibroids

·         Perimenopausal Symptoms

·         Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

·         Fibroids

·         Migraines

·         Infertility

·         Endometriosis

·         Recurring Yeast Infections or Bacterial Vaginitis


Mark Acupuncture proudly serves communities all across the greater Pittsburgh Region in areas such as Pittsburgh Pa, Bethel Park Pa, Bridgeville Pa, McMurray Pa, Fox Chapel Pa, Oakmont Pa, Lawrenceville Pa, Shadyside Pa, Squirrel Hill Pa, South Park Pa, Venetia Pa, Baldwin Pa, Peters Township Pa, Upper Saint Clair Pa, Mt Lebanon, Pa, Scott Township Pa, Carnegie Pa, Robinson Pa, Canonsburg Pa, Castle Shannon Pa, West Mifflin Pa, Pleasant Hills Pa, Wexford Pa, Cranberry Pa and Surrounding Areas